Our Services

  • 6th – 12th Grade Academic Program
  • Adult Day Program
  • DD/Special Needs Consultanting
  • Educational Services
  • IEP
  • Homeschool Assistance
  • Mentoring
  • Advocacy
  • Miracle League Baseball
  • Social Opportunities
  • Transportation
  • Homemaker Personal Care

Engage –> Empower–> Employ

Our clients are vital members of society. We work with those who seek employment to ensure they have the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace,  with an emphasis on a strong work ethic and job retention.

  • Assistance with Resume Composition
  • Partner with local businesses to conduct mock interviews
  • 6 – week comprehensive course to gain and strengthen key job related skills that will prepare our clients for the workplace

We  encourage strong relationships and promote team building, social skills and community inclusion!